Courses and Classes

Education Director Jill Guerra

Education Director Jill Guerra


Courses and Classes

Our courses are the best way to learn how to apply the Science of Mind principles to our everyday living to be mindful of living spiritually in every moment.  In class, we delve into the true meaning of life and our place in it. All classes are perfect for anyone wishing to expand their own personal growth and live their lives more fully. These classes can also be accredited for anyone wishing to become a licensed practitioner or even a minister.



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What people are saying about Classes and Courses

“Love this center! I especially love the classes that are offered here. For the last four years I have been taking classes and have met many wonderful, likeminded people who are passionate about learning and incorporating the teachings of Science of Mind. These classes give us the spiritual tools and practical skills to actually create our best lives. Taught by dedicated and gifted teachers in a warm and supportive atmosphere, these classes are a great place to get inspired and are truly life changing. I am so very grateful to have them in my life.”

Toby Finz


“My spiritual journey has taken me to many different places. While I always learned something from each practice there was always something missing. When I came to Center for Spiritual Living Boca Raton, I found a home. Dr. Barbara and Rev. Jill welcomed me with open arms and open hearts. Through the services I learned the basics of Science of Mind. When I started taking classes I was given a deeper understanding and learned how to use Science of Mind as a daily spiritual practice. For years I believed that my thoughts were a result of my circumstances. I felt that I had no control over my life. The classes at CSL opened my eyes to a new Reality. I’ve learned that my thoughts create my reality and that I am in control of my life. I am so grateful to Dr. Barbara, Rev. Jill and my new family at CSL Boca Raton for their love and guidance. I’ve found my home.”

Dave Schmidt


“Being a person with too many questions I have come to the Center in search of answers. After my first lecture by Dr. Barbara Lunde everything made so much sense that I immersed myself in my first CSL class called “This Thing Called You” which cleaned the foggy vision I had about life and its mysteries. I have completed my 1st year of accredited classes that helped me to understand that the LAW works with me even when I think it doesn’t!!! The more classes I take the easier it becomes to bring my thinking into its natural way letting through the Truth about Law and Life itself.”

Daniela Santos


“Taking classes at the center has enhanced my spiritual journey tremendously. I think the biggest benefit comes from reading and discussing spiritually empowering books. It becomes very natural to authentically live a metaphysical life. Class provides me with such inspiring ideas, words and “Tools ” for life! In addition this helps me navigate through anything in life. So not only have I changed my way of thinking, I have also changed the way I participate in life! Sunday service is an illuminating experience. To take it one step further, a class reinforces everything we have learned and empowers us with even more methods and ways to live a spiritually expanded life. I love that we read so many different authors and we have such lively discussions. Sometimes we watch videos and explore poetry as well. I have learned so much from Dr. Barbara and my classmates and have made lifelong friends.”

Susan Wolfe


“Taking classes with Rev. Jill has been a life-changing event. Through her heart felt efforts I have embraced an understanding of God that incorporates my mind, heart and soul. It has brought a light and peace into my life that penetrates every aspect of my life. It has made me a better person, friend, father and husband. I have begun to see myself as something incredible and worthy of the Divine. I see that all can be done. Fear is a lie and LOVE is the true source of all things. I have come to understand that the deeper I explore these teaching the more profoundly I understand Universal Truths and employ them in my life. She has giving me a life-long thirst that I am eternally grateful for.”

Michael Coughlin