Music is an important part of the Sunday morning celebration / service at the Center. Music inspires and brings out emotions that help deepen our spiritual and communal connection.

Scott Schotter is the Musical Director at the Center. His goal is to showcase the best musicians living in or visiting south Florida. You won’t hear religious music at the Center because as a non-denominational Center, no one particular religion is represented. You will hear Spiritual music that speaks to the One True Source of all of us is performed by musicians specializing in New Thought music. What you will hear the most on Sunday mornings is contemporary popular music; folk, jazz, rock, classical and even the blues. There is a common theme or red thread in all music played at the Center, it is music that inspires, uplifts and conveys a thoughtful message.

Musician: Dan Merrill

Musician: Dany Flanders

Musician: Katy Peterson

Musician: Cecilia St. King