Dr. Barbara Lunde

Director of The Center for Spiritual Living, Boca Raton Florida Dr. Barbara Lunde has been the spiritual leader of the Center for Spiritual Living in Boca Raton Florida (The Center) since 1981. A gifted orator and teacher, Dr. Barbara has hosted many spiritual and motivational speakers and mentors at the Center such as Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Dr. Wayne Dyer. With her recognizable voice from her frequent radio broadcasts on spirituality and positive living heard throughout South Florida. Dr. Barbara’s metaphysical roots started in her childhood as both her parents were Religious Science ministers. Dr. Barbara and her parents all studied directly with Dr. Ernest Holmes, the founder of the Religious Science movement. Dr. Barbara has delivered over a thousand lectures and inspirational messages, hundreds of them have been recorded and are being archived on this site as her words are as timeless as the teachings of all the spiritual luminaries through the ages that inspired her.

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Reverend Jill Guerra

Reverend Jill is a third generation spiritual teacher and speaker, having followed in her mother and grandparents’ footsteps into metaphysical spiritual study. Jill, guided by her family, began teaching at a young age and is passionate about sharing the teachings of the Center. She has walked the walk of the Science of Mind teaching all her life, making her a very congruent example of how following the principles of the work can manifest in one’s life. She has been delivering her Sunday inspirational messages since she became a minister in 2005, sharing the lecture with her mother Dr. Barbara at the Center. As you listen, you will hear her deliver clear guidance in ways to overcome life’s struggles, experience more joy and how to deepen your connection to the Infinite. Jill articulates her lifelong experiential knowledge with grace and humor. Her ability to have her message sink in is a gift we can all benefit from.