Spiritual Mind Treatments



We use the term Spiritual Mind Treatment to describe a prayer with an affirmation in it. The difference between Affirmative Prayer and more traditional prayer is that instead of beseeching an outside God to grant our wish, we are reminding ourselves of the perfection backing everything. All Spiritual Mind Treatment is done in Mind.

There are 5 steps to Spiritual Mind Treatment, or Treatment as we call it. These steps are just guides to help you align your thinking. They are:

1.  Recognition: In this step we remind ourselves that God is All there is.

2.  Unification: In this step we recognize that if God is All, then we must be a part of this All-we must be One with God.

3.  Declaration: In this step we declare the spiritual truth about whatever it is we are treating about. We declare in our own minds that everything is already perfect and Right Action is always taking place.

4.  Thanksgiving: In this step we embrace the attitude of gratitude, recognizing and accepting our Good.

5.  Release: In this step we know it is done, and we let go of our Treatment, allowing the Law to do Its work, just as we must release a seed, dropping it into the soil so it can grow. The how is not up to us any more than we can control how the seed begins to grow.

All Treatments are done in the Absolute, meaning we are only aligning with the spiritual truth of the situation, not trying to change circumstances, but instead knowing that once we are aligned with the truth in our thinking, the circumstances will change for the better.

All Treatments are done in the present, using words like; I claim, I demand, I require, I know, I have, never words like; I will or I hope.We must always come to a place of acceptance and conviction in each step. We are only working to convince ourselves, never someone else even if we are treating for another. Since there is no one to fool, it is vital that we have the deep conviction in our words. Whatever we truly believe, as long as it is in alignment with spiritual, and natural laws, and hurts no one, will manifest.

Often we think we believe what we are saying in our Treatments, but often we are just hoping it will happen. Until we have the conviction, we cannot have the outcome.The best way to learn how to treat is to do it! And it is important to keep treating until you have your demonstration (a result of your Treatment).